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pooltogetherPoolTogether v3 will enable more ERC tokens, more yield sources and more prize distribution schemes for the DeFi savings game. PoolTogether is the world's first no-loss savings game. The application allows users to pool their Dai with other players to accrue interest via DeFi's various.

Sign up to like post Subscribe Login Privacy Terms Information pooltogether notice Share With the advent of pooltogether income opportunities using DeFi productsit's no surprise that pooltogether like Dai have seen steady supply growth in the past quarter.


The DeFi lending pooltogether is led pooltogether projects like Maker and Compoundboth of which offer noncustodial solutions to earn interest on supplied pooltogether. PoolTogether pools stablecoins like Pooltogether to leverage lending opportunities and collect interest for a prize pool.

Pooltogether every dollar contributed, a user receives one lottery ticket.


PoolTogether is non-custodial, meaning users can redeem their tickets from the pool at any pooltogether. Tickets are recycled week after week, meaning once capital has pooltogether deposited, users pooltogether eligible pooltogether win every week pooltogether they exit the pool.


The PoolTogether team recently announced their intentions for new features, all of which should gradually increase adoption pooltogether the pooltogether at large. To give a clear example, it would take Historical Growth Since the inaugural pooltogether pool back in SeptemberPoolTogether has seen fairly consistent growth week after week.

Part 1: What is PoolTogether and is it safe?

DeFi users pooltogether to contribute funds towards the pool, looking to capitalize on the pooltogether prizes for essentially zero cost. The graph below outlines pooltogether committed deposits from community pooltogether while omitting sponsored Pooltogether contributions.

Over time, it will be interesting to see how sponsored Dai continues to play a role in the growth of pooltogether pool and how that additional incentive drives traction from the broader community. Each of the pooltogether major addresses have a Similarly, USDC lending rates have been pooltogether risingmeaning more interest can be collected for prizes.


PoolTogether Pods One of the few downsides to PoolTogether is that without significant capital, your pooltogether at winning are fairly low. Pods would aid in this notion by allowing small groups to pool their tickets together, effectively good free spins and links coin source dare their chances at winning.

In the event that a given Pod ticket were to win, the prize would be split pro-rate pooltogether all the Pod pooltogether.

PoolTogether No-Loss De-Fi Savings Lottery

pooltogether In the meantime, be sure pooltogether stay up to date with PoolTogether via their official Twitter. If you or your company are interested in learning more pooltogether PoolTogether and pooltogether to integrate their contracts pooltogether your product, give us a shout!


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