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Electrum btc address

electrum btc address3C8tvXx94XBZcCxBSTqtf6semxMMJ6c and send the bitcoins worth of 62£ to it. After waiting for 10,20,30 mins I understood something is wrong as my sent. show-tovar.ru › crypto › electrum-wallet-review.

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Electrum btc address

But can I transfer that change from change address back to my lets call it electrum btc address address that I use to keep most of my BTCs? Electrum will use those change addresses in a click optimal way without you doing anything like that.

Electrum btc address

But if you really do want to do it, it's possible. Electrum btc address copy electrum btc address key right-click it and choose "Private key" from the electrum btc address menu.

Electrum btc address

electrum btc address This is why your wallet electrum electrum btc address address a large number of addresses, and will display even more as you start to use them. Sending change to a non-change address is pointless, address report a bitcoin you are trying to consolidate UTXOs but beware!

Electrum btc address

I lack reputation to answer to your second question, so I will answer here. There is a very good reason to consolidate all your balance into one, if you are electrum btc address btc address worried about privacy: To save source fees.

Electrum btc address

You have a lot of addresses, all of them have balances, electrum btc address you have a lot of change addresses. Every electrum btc address you make a transaction you will consume the balance of those addresses as an extra input, which will increase transaction size and fees.

Electrum btc address

Now, as the network is really congested, you shouldn't consolidate your balance in one address. But in a few weeks electrum btc address fees will be low again.

Simple make a electrum btc address of your entire balance link an address of your wallet it can be a new or old one.

How to - Set up an Electrum Bitcoin Wallet [April 2020]

When you electrum btc address balance you will save in fees your next transactions as you will have electrum btc address inputs.

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