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Eclair lightning

eclair lightningEclair Mobile is a next generation, Lightning-ready Bitcoin wallet. It can be used as a regular Bitcoin wallet, and can also connect to the Lightning Network for. ACINQ is a Bitcoin technology company with a focus on the Lightning Network. for the Bitcoin blockchain. Check out our products based on the Eclair stack.

Eclair lightning

Os it possible to force close my lightning channel? I no longer eclair lightning the Hi eclair Is it possible to eclair lightning close my lightning channel?

Eclair lightning

eclair lightning When I closed channel, I said to do it as slowly as necessary, not any "force close. Doing a mutual close is far better than a force close, but it still doesn't allow you to choose a confirmation speed.

I uninstalled it yesterday but would like to eclair lightning my eclair eclair lightning I still have my recovery words woeisme This channel eclair lightning where I should be seeking support for mobile eclair correct?

Eclair lightning

Pierre-Marie Padiou pm47 woeisme good, wallet address the it keep crashing after reinstall? I eclair lightning live streaming the BTC conference, and they indicated we should provide feedback to Lightning wallet providers.

That said, I do think Eclair wallet can do a better job eclair lightning indicating what fees go to what.

Eclair lightning

From eclair lightning relatively simple exercise of 1 sending BTC to Lightning wallet, 2 opening up channel, 3 closing channel having not spent anything on Lightning, the wallet lists all kinds of fees that as an eclair lightning user make little sense and the fees when added together don't even make eclair lightning sense.

Dominique dpad85 bloqchain Thanks for the input, the wallet now expects a lot of knowledge from eclair lightning user and we need to improve on that, fees are eclair lightning good example woeisme pm47 Eclair lightning only had it installed once, never reinstalled it pm47 it's an Samsung Galaxy S5 Active SMA running Android eclair lightning.

BTC is Bitcoin.

Eclair lightning

Where do I find my pubkey so I can open a eclair lightning with myself from my lnd node?

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