- 03.03.2020

Zilliqa explorer

zilliqa explorerZilliqa. USD. Block: # Transactions: 7. Block: # Transactions: 4. Block: # Transactions: 9. Block: # Transactions: 6. ViewBlock#. ViewBlock explorer allows you to look at the status of your transaction, current status of the Zilliqa network, contract source code etc.

Make sure to join the Zilliqa Discord for all discussions and questions zilliqa explorer the hackathon!

Zilliqa explorer

Hello hackers zilliqa explorer builders! Today we are super excited to launch this hackathon in zilliqa explorer with Gitcoin! Read on to here how you can get involved!

StraitsX is zilliqa explorer to growing the decentralized ecosystem and we want you to be part of zilliqa explorer from the beginning through this hackathon.

Zilliqa explorer

Why Zilliqa Zilliqa is the world's first sharded smart contract platform that is zilliqa explorer click scale while remaining fully decentralized. It has a total of 4 shards, each possessing community validators, and the network can process up to thousands of transactions per second.

Zilliqa also runs on a functional smart contract programming language, Scilla, that aims to eliminate bugs before run time and zilliqa explorer making the development process much zilliqa explorer and secure.

Zilliqa explorer

What to expect Our three week hackathon will zilliqa explorer on October A series of education videos will zilliqa explorer be uploaded zilliqa explorer YouTube a week prior to the hackathon start date, allowing participants to get up to speed with building on Zilliqa, integrating with XSGD and the ZRC2 standard and other possibilities.

Do also check out dev.

Zilliqa explorer

Before the hackathon: If you're solo and looking to zilliqa explorer a team, we help you identify and connect zilliqa explorer other hackers.

Come up with ideas!

Zilliqa explorer

There will be plenty of bounties to work on but we'd zilliqa explorer for you to get creative zilliqa explorer come up with an zilliqa explorer new project! During the zilliqa explorer 21 days : You work on your hack!

Zilliqa (ZIL) is more resilient than most Altcoins! Bitcoin to $16500?

Access to Zilliqa and StraitsX team members on Discord. We will have regular office hours so that zilliqa explorer can ask all your questions and feel supported throughout.

HUGE Zilliqa News and Achievements! - Staking Bot - 3b Staked - 9M TX's - Zillacracy Secret Project!

After the hackathon: We begin the judging process. You finalize and zilliqa explorer your hack and make your bounty submissions. Zilliqa explorer get to present your project in front of our judges.

Zilliqa explorer

Judging Criteria A panel of zilliqa explorer will assess your project. They will rate your project on a scale from on the following criterias. Adherence to challenge E.

Zilliqa explorer

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