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Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

bitcoin price prediction january 2019I've spoken with experts and industry leaders and, to my surprise, almost all predict that bitcoin's exchange rate will almost triple by January 1. Bitcoin Price analysis in January The price of Bitcoin was fluctuating around 3, since November Bitcoin began its New year with.

He has over 10 years of experience trading traditional markets and market-making for equities. Krown's Channel Quick Summary Our overall bearish bias go here intact.

But the quick sell off that ensued only served to strengthen the bearish case. Furthermore, this also confluences with the breakdown of the larger symmetrical triangle on Bitcoin.

But will that be the bottom? We discuss our opinions on this matter and the bitcoin price prediction january 2019 in this report. Could we have foreseen this bitcoin price prediction january 2019 Bitcoin bitcoin price prediction january 2019 a smaller Symmetrical Triangle over the week.

Eric Crown has emphasised that symmetrical triangles have an equal opportunity to break to either side. However, in a overall bitcoin price prediction january 2019 trend — we tend to lean toward the downside. The breakout hit the measured move perfectly.

Although Read article himself leaned to the downside, he demonstrated his professional skills by responding to market action and trading the breakout perfectly. Rollercoaster action: Upward break of the triangle and promptly sold into.

The bitcoin price prediction january 2019 to the upside had many people feeling bullish about the markets once again.

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But the anticipated follow up simply failed to arrive. And this was key!

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

Sunday showed a powerful response to the rejection of the 21 EMA. Incoming Murder?

However, these formations may occasionally show a false breakout to trap people.

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

But a rejection of the retest adds further probability of it playing out. Notice the weekend rejection of the EMA lined up beautifully with this neckline as displayed in the image below. This is very go here to increase seller confidence, as they begin to target the measured move for this break.

Bitcoin Forecast in January 2020

The measured move for this is typically the length between the neck and the top. And this is where things get even please click for source interesting.

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

Confluence Galore. We first discussed this in our previous post.

Bitcoin price prediction for January 2020: will it bounce into next month?

The triangle broke down on January 10th — with volume confirmation. What do we mean by volume confirmation? Simply that there was high enough volume on that break down, to justify our conviction in the break. Essentially, a lot of sellers stepped in for that move. It gets even stronger on the higher time-frames such as the weekly bitcoin price prediction january 2019.

Bitcoin then went on to test the Exponential a bitcoin price prediction january 2019 times and was rejected each time. This leads us to believe that a test click the Simple Moving average is imminent. Weekly SMA red proving strong support.

And EMA purple proving resistance. Many bitcoin price prediction january 2019 to believe that we have seen the lows. However, we strongly believe that the lows are not in just yet. Here Art Thou?

Unlike most other cryptocurrencies, BTC bitcoin price prediction january 2019 ample price cycle history to draw some clues from. One of the clues left behind is the Volume Signature during the bear cycle.

Volume — bitcoin price prediction january 2019 often misused — is one of the best ways to understand the overall crowd behaviour on a particular asset.

Instead, we are trying to derive information about the mindset of the crowd.

This was accompanied with volume doubled that of the click at this page weeks of price action.

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

Below is the BTC weekly chart: Volume indicating massive participation during the bear cycle. A closer look at the current volume profile bitcoin price prediction bitcoin price prediction january 2019 2019 low participation. What does that mean?

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

No, absolutely not. Volume in the current conditions showing corrective behaviour. However, the historic data does give us an idea of the behaviour we would like to see.

Signal Breakdown

If we see data that indicates click certain behaviour, then we may conclude that there are signs of a bottoming. As of now, however, we are not seeing any clues that point toward a bottom being in.

Do we believe that we will blow past the bottom right away?

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

No — these things take time. As mentioned in the previous reportEthereum does seem to be leading the market. The event-driven rally was followed up with the much expected dump in price. Typical event-driven-market-behaviour: Event is announced weeks in advance.

Price click here to rally closer to event. Sell-off begins just before the event. It rallied closer to the event date, and then bitcoin price prediction january 2019 price began to reverse.

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

Additionally, Ethereum seems to be putting together a bearish reversal pattern that points to possible new lows as well. Well defined neckline.

Bitcoin Price Prediction For January 2019 Hindi Lets Talk--

We do not have the break of the neckline yet. So what happens if we do get the neckline break? Ethereum is currently sitting at a strong support level. However, Ethereum is putting together a bearish bitcoin price prediction january 2019 pattern that points Ethereum to new lows.

Bitcoin price prediction january 2019

Since Ethereum has been likely leading the market recently, we wonder if it could be the impetus for Bitcoin visiting new lows as well.

Interesting times ahead of us. Interesting, indeed. Get my upcoming eBook for Free!

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